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Dual Cultivation

NovelDual CultivationDual Cultivation
Chapter 917 – Does This Make Me the First? underwear overconfident
“I said… Do you really still want my little ones? You asked me prior to, keep in mind?”
The Yang Qi quickly overflowed her cave.
“Then here it comes!” Su Yang then introduced his Yang Qi, with an whole week’s amount of Yang Qi gushed into Luo Ziyi’s immortal cave.
“Heavens…” Luo Ziyi was left speechless through this revelation.
“Genuinely? I don’t know.” Su Yang claimed using a teeth.
After Sunlight Jingjing complete her launch, the following particular person proceeded to go, and in addition they would keep on this until everyone there acquired presented their selves.
“It’s been a little while, women. Allow me to show you Luo Ziyi. For those who can’t inform at this point, she’s a member of the Su Family from your Four Divine Heavens.” Su Yang believed to them.
When Xie Xingfang recognized Luo Ziyi looking at the toddlers, she spoke using a smile on her facial area, “Older sister, do you want to offer one of those?”
“W-What did you just say? I don’t consider I observed you properly…” Luo Ziyi stated, doubting her the ears.
“I-Can it be just me, or did you get best of all?” Luo Ziyi asked him as he carried on drilling her system.
“W-What have you just say? I don’t think I observed you properly…” Luo Ziyi mentioned, doubting her ears.
Su Yang then retrieved the spatial unit and started the Immortal’s Jewel.
“Certainly!” she quickly reacted.
“Y-You i.m.p.r.e.g.n.a.t.ed among the new sisters?”
“What? Don’t say I’m not? Then who’s the first? The reason I haven’t heard of it?”
“No, you’re right. I’d like to keep them for a moment in the event you don’t imagination.” Luo Ziyi quickly cut off by using a somewhat bashful search on the deal with.
Su Yang smiled and reported, “Effectively, I have got altered. I am just happy to i.m.p.r.e.g.n.a.t.e you— all you.”
“Heavens…” Luo Ziyi was still left speechless with this revelation.
“Yes!” she quickly responded.
“Eh?” Luo Ziyi quit m.o.a.ning to gaze at him with a shocked phrase on her face.
As much as she planned to go on growing with him, they will have to carry on this another working day when their natural environment is much more appropriate for double farming. Furthermore, there was still many things they essential to talk about.”
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“Su Yang!”
“I said… Can you still want my children? You asked before, bear in mind?”
“Would you like to have my kid, Ziyi?” Su Yang expected her all over again.
The Frozen Azure Cave echoed with Luo Ziyi’s happy voice and the noise of Su Yang’s rod pounding her beef.
“W-What do you just say? I don’t imagine I observed you properly…” Luo Ziyi stated, doubting her ear.
“Eh?” Luo Ziyi snapped out of her daze and viewed her facial area for the first time.
When Xie Xingfang discovered Luo Ziyi staring at the children, she spoke that has a teeth in her facial area, “Older person sibling, do you want to offer among them?”
Luo Ziyi’s eyes widened with shock, and her mouth dropped, making her lips wide opened.
Su Yang unplugged his rod from her body a minute afterwards.
“Do you desire to tolerate my baby, Ziyi?” Su Yang required her just as before.
Su Yang nodded and stated, “It’s not just one particular, sometimes. I have got 5 youngsters at this time with four distinct most women.”
At some time later on, he gone inside with Luo Ziyi and Xiao Rong.
“Su Yang!”
“I really do!” She replied immediately this time.
“Su Yang, can this make me the very first man or woman to deal with your youngster?” Luo Ziyi requested him at some point once they wore their apparel again.
Once their fingers were definitely shut, Su Yang shifted his h.i.p.s even speedier.

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