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Let Me Game in Peace
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NovelLet Me Game in PeaceLet Me Game in Peace
Chapter 1353 – I’m Not Sweetie kindhearted worm
“Why can’t you allow it in my opinion? It’s not yours,” claimed Sweetie.
“On a doll in the Chaos Hut.” Zhou Wen possessed already suspected that this blonde gal was more than likely Sweetie.
“Why would you destroy her?” Sweetie required having a complex expression.
“You’re lying down. How could my doll steal the chocolate carton?” Sweetie explained in disbelief.
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Back then, the sole people some time Hut were her, Very little Chrysanthemum, Yana, s.p.a.cetime Piglet, along with the doll. s.p.a.cetime Piglet along with the doll were definitely Sweetie’s games. The citrus sugary snacks was unnecessary to these people.
Having said that, for whatever reason, Zhou Wen not experienced any panic. He considered the blonde female and believed like giggling.
“Did you eat the lemon sweets interior?” Sweetie pretended to become okay as she required Zhou Wen.
“How should you know… I’m not the beautiful and extremely cute Sweetie… You’ve have an unacceptable person…” The blonde lady waved her palm very quickly to draw a collection.
“Which hut did you think it is in?” Sweetie hurriedly required.
“Did you consume food the lime sweets in?” Sweetie pretended to generally be fine as she inquired Zhou Wen.
The blonde young lady was clearly still terrifying and Zhou Wen was definitely no go with on her, but he couldn’t notice the exact same fear as prior to.
“You’re telling lies. How could my doll take the sweets field?” Sweetie said in disbelief.
Little Chrysanthemum was actually a faithful servant. It was unattainable for her to swipe the sweet pack and lemon candies. Even though she wanted them, she only needed to question. There seemed to be no requirement to swipe them.
“Give me the sweets box,” explained Sweetie.
Usually, with the sturdiness the blonde girl obtained just showcased, she may have attacked him from behind with out him realizing. There was no requirement for her to go through all of this trouble.
“Then what should you do to let you perish in tranquility?” Zhou Wen felt that he should give her an approach out. Naturally, she was obviously a big chance.
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The blonde female was only too inexperienced. She immediately unveiled her objective.
“I passed away so tragically… I passed away so tragically…” The blonde girl’s frizzy hair was disheveled as she floated towards Zhou Wen and just let out a horrifying weep. She appeared much like a haunting ghost.
“How would I know? She was completely irrational. She wished me old the minute we satisfied. Having said that, since I contemplate it, it could have been because she believed that this sweet container was with me and desired to s.n.a.t.c.h it apart..” Zhou Wen attached the dots, but he deliberately skipped on a few of the details.
“Give me the sweet pack,” explained Sweetie.
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“Give me the candies box,” mentioned Sweetie.
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It meant that points weren’t so simple as just getting rid of it.
Zhou Wen was slightly considered aback while he type of in the blonde woman. He seemed to comprehend one thing and blurted out, “You are Sweetie, appropriate?”
“It can’t be Yana!” However Sweetie imagined of the more very likely verdict, she was reluctant to believe it.
That frightening doll is actually her game doll? What’s the origin on this Sweetie? A dimensional region like the Time Hut is certainly branded following her… As Zhou Wen considered, he was quoted saying, “Why would I rest? You won’t have the capacity to validate it regardless if I randomly mentioned that I chosen it from your table. Aside from, basically if i didn’t discover it at a doll, how could I am aware that there was really a doll?”
Even so, for reasons unknown, Zhou Wen will no longer possessed any worry. He viewed the blonde woman and sensed like joking.
“You’re lying down. How could my doll swipe the chocolate container?” Sweetie explained in disbelief.
“How would I recognize? She was completely silly. She wished me departed the time we became aquainted with. Having said that, considering that I contemplate it, it could have been because she knew the fact that sweets package was with me and want to s.n.a.t.c.h it gone..” Zhou Wen linked the dots, but he deliberately skipped on most of the aspects.
“You’re resting. How could my doll take the chocolate carton?” Sweetie said in disbelief.
She originally dreamed which the sweet package have been misplaced during the past Hut, leading to her inability to find it. It turned out to be inside the Turmoil Hut, and it was in the hands of her doll.

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