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Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School

NovelReincarnation Of The Businesswoman At SchoolReincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School
Chapter 1888 – Sorry, Gu Ning kindhearted smash
He realized that Wei Chuanxun was seeking to protect him, but he got indeed brought difficulties to Gu Ning. If he didn’t apologize today, he might have to face a even worse condition sooner or later.
Rong Zechen definitely understood Zhang Zikai, but he didn’t expect that Gu Ning also recognized her.
“Right, a girl’s track record concerns a good deal, and Gu Ning is also a superstar. Her standing is a lot more vital. If it’s broken, her businesses could also be affected. It is understandable that she’s mad. There are many staff relying on her to generate a existing!” Child B reported, “Most essentially, she’s the victim.”
Zhang Zikai didn’t trouble to help keep the fact a secret from Gu Ning, simply because she got Gu Ning as her friend. In any case, she didn’t know any specifics.
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Zhang Zikai didn’t trouble to have the fact a key from Gu Ning, mainly because she had taken Gu Ning as her companion. Anyways, she didn’t know any particulars.
In that case, when he noticed Gu Ning’s bad att.i.tude towards Rong Zechen, he was angry at her. No matter if Rong Zechen was correct or maybe not, he blamed Gu Ning for everything.
Soon after changing greetings, Gu Ning questioned Zhang Zikai, “What transpired for your requirements?”
Hearing that, Wei Chuanxun didn’t stick to Rong Zechen, and they went to the canteen jointly.
All things considered, they weren’t weakened, and yes it wasn’t easy to make them generate.

“You will go to enjoy a food without any help. I don’t possess an appet.i.te now.” Just after browsing through what experienced taken place just now, Rong Zechen suddenly lost his appet.i.te. He didn’t want to see Gu Ning during the canteen again.
Hearing that, Zhang Zikai presented apparent frustration on her face. “A couple of days well before enrollment, my dad got me and my mom to Town Bao to attend the marriage of any pal of his. Having said that, on our back, we encountered a vehicle car accident and was. .h.i.t from a significant van.
“Right, a girl’s good reputation matters a great deal, and Gu Ning can also be a celeb. Her standing is all the more essential. If it’s ruined, her organizations could also be impacted. It’s understandable that she’s angry. There are lots of workers relying upon her to develop a life!” Son B mentioned, “Most essentially, she’s the injured person.”
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Hearing that, Wei Chuanxun frowned. In truth, he was conscious of that likewise, but he decide to facet with Rong Zechen due to the fact Rong Zechen was his close up sibling. On top of that, he desired to form a excellent relations.h.i.+p with Rong Zechen too, so he defended Rong Zechen for no reason.
“Chuanxun, basically I don’t go along with you on that. Although Zechen traveled to dilemma Yuan Shuyan for Gu Ning’s decent. It’s his very own selection without her contract all things considered. It provides not a thing with regards to Gu Ning, but Gu Ning has got to hold the blame finally. She’s the sufferer, though Zechen is responsible for the effort on her, so Zechen should apologize,” reported Boy A.
“You can be to create a food yourself. I don’t offer an appet.i.te now.” Soon after experiencing what possessed occured just now, Rong Zechen missing his appet.i.te. He didn’t want to see Gu Ning from the canteen all over again.
When Gu Ning and her good friends eventually left, she presented Music Miaoge, Baili Zongxue, and Zhang Zikai to at least one one more.
If he apologized now, he would be humiliated in public places. On the other hand, if he jogged out, his reputation will be greatly destroyed.
Wei Chuanxun was self-centered simply cared about his very own added benefits and emotions in fact.
Naturally, they weren’t weaker, also it wasn’t effortless to ensure they yield.
“Sure.” Gu Ning didn’t question additionally about this right now.
“Zechen…” Wei Chuanxun wished to avoid Rong Zechen from abandoning, but yet another two kids discontinued him.
“We can look at it down the road. Now let’s focus on your problem,” explained Zhang Zikai. She cared more info on the dilemma Gu Ning was included in at the moment.
“Let him be alone for a long time,” claimed a boy.
Melody Miaoge and Zhang Zikai were both members of the top society, but they also didn’t know the other until now. Track Miaoge remained inside the armed forces camp out a lot of her time, so she only recognized a few people with the significant world.
If so, after he discovered Gu Ning’s terrible att.i.tude towards Rong Zechen, he was angry at her. Whether Rong Zechen was correct or otherwise, he held responsible Gu Ning for every thing.
If so, once he discovered Gu Ning’s awful att.i.tude towards Rong Zechen, he was upset at her. Whether Rong Zechen was correct or maybe not, he held accountable Gu Ning for anything.
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Rong Zechen definitely knew Zhang Zikai, but he didn’t be expecting that Gu Ning also was aware her.
“Let him be alone for quite a while,” said a son.
He believed that Wei Chuanxun was aiming to fight for him, but he acquired indeed helped bring issues to Gu Ning. If he didn’t apologize today, he might have to experience a a whole lot worse scenario in the future.
Although Zhang friends and family wasn’t as powerful being the Rong family members and it was only another-speed family of ability as the Rong family members was a best family of strength, Zhang Zikai’s grandfather was from a different leading group of strength.
“You…” Wei Chuanxun tried to fight for Rong Zechen, as he observed which everybody was making Rong Zechen to apologize to Gu Ning.
“However, since I found myself knocked within the h2o, I missing my smartphone. I couldn’t call you either. I read from my dad which the automobile crash isn’t any sort of accident, but a system. He didn’t tell me specifics, therefore i don’t know significantly regarding it.”
Chapter 1888: Sorry, Gu Ning

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