Lovelynovel MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Guild Master online – Chapter 138 – Rewards (1) vanish automatic suggest-p2
MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Guild Master

NovelMMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Guild MasterMMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Guild Master
Chapter 138 – Rewards (1) reminiscent hallowed
The noble vault was exactly like one could be expecting …. Heaps of gold bullion and platinum and precious stones were just spread out , items had been resting between the two , it had been only a enormous selection of priceless treasures.
Subclass : Runesmith
Subclass : Runesmith
unassigned stat tips :10
And incredible artifacts in that
Hewlett packard : 12,000/12,000
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However in spite of how considerably he looked for there are few other popular items being untruthful around , however there were semi famous and epic models!!!!
[ Elven sword ] ( semi mythical ) : a sword in the top quality made by the elves , it can be lighting and features an inbuilt capacity to fight creatures of darkness , inscribed while using very best runes its content has a sword heart and definately will only display its true probable when it chooses a master .
The royal vault was exactly like one would be expecting …. Heaps of yellow gold and platinum and precious stones ended up just dotted , artifacts were lying between the two , it was subsequently just a substantial number of invaluable treasures.
Type : Swordsman
Carrying the flame all around was the dumbest thing they might do.
Constraint 2 : Knight course only
He after that identified an item that resonated with him for a change
Fortune : 95 + 3 /100 ( Kid of providence)
unassigned stat points :10
Can Not Be Held In Supply
Infamy :
Nevertheless it will be a rest to state that they were not lured … It was subsequently a damn Popular level jewel .
Type : Swordsman
School particular techniques : Elevated fight good sense , Tool remember , Doppleganger
[ Fruit of luck ] ( legendary ) : adds to the people fortune by +3 entirely.
[ Minataurs horn ] ( semi renowned ) : The horn of your impressive being , it can be forged into a wonderful sword , and also made use of as being an alchemy materials.
Dog or cat : smaller egg ( incubation ) (24/100)
Impact 1 : Can damage all darkness aligned monsters which includes formless monsters like ghosts and spirits.
[ Son of providence ] ( Name ) : good stuff will automatically head in your direction along with you not really being required to attempt.
[ Endless Flames ] ( Legendary ) : A flame extracted from a perishing phoenix az , its content has the energy to resurrect the lifeless , it can not be extinguished , if applied against opponents , the using up will never cease.
Can Not Be STORED IN Products
Limitation 2 : Knight type only
A semi mythical item!!!! Although it could stop made use of directly it was still a wonderful object having said that , also it went straight into the products.
Effect 2 : essential injury + 50%
Knowledge : MountainCrash , Defensebreak , Vitality cut , Substantial joint
Critical hit fee + 30Percent for all those happens.
Influence 1 : Can damage all darkness in-line monsters such as formless monsters like ghosts and mood.
His heavens picked name was replaced through the subject ‘ Son of providence’
Name : Son of Providence

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