fiction MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Guild Master – Chapter 12 – Emmisary Of Church (1) enter wasteful -p2
MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Guild Master

NovelMMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Guild MasterMMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Guild Master
Chapter 12 – Emmisary Of Church (1) petite confuse
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Returns : +1000 Popularity
He was quoted saying ” Actually i recognize a great deal about illnesses, will you intellect if i take a look at a client?”
the plant.society
” Well there had been a vendor who available Fresh mushrooms in a extremely low price tag hence nearly all of my town persons bought it ….. are you presently announcing the service provider induced pretty much everything having difficulties to my community?” Dholka claimed seething
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All of the villagers were definitely dumbfounded . Blueherb grass was really a frequent grass botanical herb easily accessible hence quickly the medication was developed and implemented to your essential individual.
Rudra believed detailed in regards to the goal hence he had previously well prepared a storage place packed with materials to concot the recovery potions.
” Its my task when the servant of the Godess” Stated Rudra
The Chapel offered him with 50 yellow gold to the objective but he makes 30 rare metal keeping due to his former expenditure.
” Its the most probable final result in line with the info we know sir”. Said Rudra
does anyone have gold eyes
” Thankyou sir reputed knight , you offering these supplies will ease loads of load in my town.”
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“Then i noticed you might be from your chapel?” stated Dholka
” I got it , prepare blueherb lawn with curd and give it to your people , the infection will probably be wiped out within 6 a long time.”
He bought required healthcare resources and requested the alchemist guild to concot the potions .
He picked sure
All of the villagers had been dumbfounded . Blueherb lawn was actually a common lawn herb readily accessible hence quickly the treatments is made and administered to some vital sufferer.
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Most of the villagers cried and kowtowed towards Rudra like the village main
Incentives : ???????
Rudra knew in-depth relating to the objective hence he got previously ready a stockroom loaded with compounds to concot the recovering potions.
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[Savior of thol community] ( Subject) : Almost any community specialities will forever be marketed for your requirements at no cost, You could demand those to get assets you require.You are revered over the community and they will deal with for your personal recognition.
the queen’s cup worcester
Nonetheless to seem legit he just utilized his deepest tone of voice and prepared shit up as he spoke
” Its the most probable outcome depending on the information we all know sir”. Stated Rudra
[Emmisary Of Chapel]( Grade : S ) (2/3 sequence pursuit) : Discover a cure for the disease propagate within the small town
– subject Respected Knight
“Hmm the fever plus the texture and consistency of our skin….. the flavour of the sweat…..hmmmm fungus without a doubt definitely fungus….. paracetamol dolo650 metacin … Rantac crocin….. Hmmmmmm”
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Windfall all over again!
” Its the most probable result depending on the facts we know sir”. Said Rudra

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